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Examination in a natural position

In a tunnel MRI system, you can only be examined while lying down. This is often not particularly advantageous when conducting a thorough examination of the pelvic floor. Due to its open design, the sitting MRI allows for MRI examinations in different posture positions. Patients can be examined in their natural sitting position. The advantage: The real movement sequences are reproduced in the upright MRI. The examination thus enables better diagnostic results, which ultimately lead to a suitable treatment method. This greatly increases the prospects of those affected for a daily life filled with less suffering and more quality of life.

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Examination in a comfortable atmosphere

Examination procedure

The examination time lasts between 20 and 45 minutes, depending on the determined procedure and the individual circumstances. During this time, we also carry out functional examinations, which reliably show the functionality of the pelvic floor and possible displacement of the pelvic organs through moving images.

Intravenous contrast media is often unnecessary to conduct the MRI examination.

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Explanation of the examination; unobstructed view from the system.

Relax and take a seat

In contrast to narrow tube systems, the sitting MRI offers much higher patient comfort with regard to an unobstructed view and noise. During the examination, you have an unobstructed view from the system. It is even possible to watch a TV programme or watch videos on a large monitor.

The upright MRI is also suitable for examining elderly persons with restricted mobility or persons who are overweight.

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Recognising the causes of discomfort

Visible good solution

The figure clearly shows what the Upright MRI can do.

Together with the natural position during the examination, the excellent image quality ensures that you can clearly and explicitly identify the organs. The diagnosis based on these images of your pelvic instability is thus much easier both for your physicians and yourself during the course of the examination.

The advantage of the pelvic floor diagnosis in the Upright MRI is the absence of X-rays.

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